Here are some of my paintings. I am passionate about painting and - I hope - paint with passion. If some of that gets through to you, then I have succeeded!  I am inspired by the really great masters of colour and texture and story. Particularly the exhibitions I have seen over the years at factory 798 in Beijing (before it became horribly commercial) , the COBRA group  exhibition at The Guggenheim in New York in 2012. 

The paint is quite thick on some of these and unfortunately the sense of depth doesn't really come across in the compressed website version - but they give a reasonably good idea of what I am up to. Click on the tabs at the top to get a closer view.

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Robin White is a member of Reigate Society of Artists

Exhibitions 2013

Barossa. 277 New Kings Road. London SW6.

RSoA. Summer show. Denbies. Dorking.